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Grape expansion plan


The yield of grapes is high. It is what many growers are doing to improve the quality of grapes as much as possible on the premise of increasing the yield, such as increasing the sugar content of grapes and enhancing the resistance to transportation, so what water-soluble fertilizer is used for coloring grapes? ? How much of an acre of land is effective? Let's get to know it with Hualu.


Fertilizer for coloring grape puffed fruit

Fertilizers for coloring and expanding grapes are the key to fertilizer. If you choose to use water-soluble fertilizer as the main content and reapply with high potassium at this time, the amount of fertilizer used is 5-10 kg per acre, and 1-2 tons of water are generally dissolved one by one per acre. Irrigate the roots and use the effect of water and fertilizer absorption to achieve the purpose of nutrient supplementation, which can promote the expansion and coloring of grape fruits.
In addition to the better potassium dihydrogen phosphate or potassium nitrate contained in IFERING high potassium water-soluble fertilizer, there are other trace elements such as molar water-soluble fertilizer containing EDTA sequestration-iron (Fe), EDTA sequestration-manganese (Mn) , EDTA sequestration-zinc (Zn), EDTA sequestration-copper (Cu), boron (B), molybdenum (Mo) and other elements have obvious effects on improving the taste and sweetness of grapes.


Note the use of water-soluble fertilizer

1. Dilution, whether water-soluble fertilizer is powder or liquid, it must be diluted before use, but no matter which type of fertilizer is diluted, it must be diluted twice, that is, second dilution. A bag of 5 kg of fertilizer needs to be poured into small In the bucket, add water while stirring to dissolve. This is called the first dilution. Then, add water, add the dissolved fertilizer in the small bucket to the big bucket or fertilizer tank, and stir again. The secondary dilution has a good effect on improving the solubility and uniformity of the fertilizer.
2. Time, the effective period of water-soluble fertilizer is generally 15-20 days, but in the fruiting period of grapes, the amount of fertilizer required is large, which can be shortened to 10-15 days, and the color and size of the fruit can be seen twice in a row. Obvious changes, of course, the premise is to choose good quality fertilizer.

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