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High effective ingredients, boron content up to 150g/L, 100% soluble in water, plants can fully and effectively absorb and use; liquid boron is produced through advanced organic polymerization process, the product is stable, and will not appear even in extreme weather Crystallization phenomenon. Good mixing ability, the product can be mixed with a variety of fertilizers and pesticides; safe and convenient, will not cause damage to the foliage and roots of plants; the application method is simple, easy to master, fully diluted, can be directly used in crops, fruits and vegetables Spray or drip irrigation.


Color: Terracotta
  • Liquid boron does not contain inorganic salts and sodium ions, can quickly penetrate the epidermis of waxy plants, is easily absorbed by plants, and contributes to the balance of plant carbon and nitrogen metabolism; it can be quickly absorbed by crops, quickly and efficiently replenish plant boron nutrition, prevention and treatment Fruit trees, melons, vegetables, flowers, medicinal materials, and grain and oil crops are caused by boron deficiency in various flowers, buds without flowers, fruitlessness, fruit shrinkage, stiff fruit, empty pods, empty buds, husks, etc.

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