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Record number: ZLSRSD2021-04929
Executive standard: NY 1428-2010

Promote root growth  Promote flower bud differentiation and improve stress resistance  Promote the absorption of phosphorus, increase the seed setting rate and fruit setting rate

Product performance

1. The mineral chelating agent used quickly penetrates into the leaves or peels after spraying, and can be quickly transported to the fruit parts requiring calcium directly through the xylem and phloem, which overcomes the difficult mobility of calcium.

2. Flexible calcium supplementation: a foliar calcium fertilizer product that can be sprayed on the surface of the fruit, sprayed on the leaves and then transported to the parts of the fruit that need calcium, and can be used continuously after the fruit is bagged.

3. Improve the absorption rate of calcium fertilizer: The calcium fertilizer sprayed on the fruit or leaves can quickly penetrate the fruit surface or the cuticle of the leaves, and enter the fruit or leaves. Since the area of leaves is much higher than that of fruits, the area of calcium supplementation is greatly increased, a lot of waste of calcium agent on the surface of leaves is avoided, and the absorption and utilization of calcium is improved. , High absorption rate.

4. Increase production: timely supplement of calcium elements, correct the symptoms of calcium deficiency in crops, and effectively prevent the physiological diseases of fruit trees such as soft fruit, shrunken fruit, deformed fruit, cracked fruit, bitter acne, water core disease, etc. caused by calcium absorption disorder; dried fruits and vegetables Physiological diseases such as heartburn, heart rot, hollow fruit, melons are small and tasteless, plants are short, and young leaves are fragile; field plants are short, dry tips, leaf chlorosis, heart and leaf adhesions and other physiological diseases, increase crop disease resistance and storage Time improves the appearance quality, shelf life and taste of the fruit.

5. High stress resistance: enhance crop resistance to drought, salt damage, freezing damage, sunburn, pests and diseases.

Fluid calcium calcium≥10.0%

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  • 1. Increase production and quality: prevent the occurrence of physiological diseases, apple bitter pit, pear black heart, jujube fruit cracking, grape water infiltration, tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers, melon navel rot, celery black heart, carrot spot, Lettuce burning top disease, Chinese cabbage, cabbage and potato dry heart disease, slow growth and other nutrient deficiency diseases.

    2. Promote the uniform expansion of the fruit, increase the hardness of the fruit, color and expand the fruit, and increase the sugar content and taste of the fruit. 

    3. Dual-channel calcium supplementation: The calcium sprayed on the fruit can be directly absorbed through the fruit surface, and the calcium sprayed on the leaf surface can be transported to the fruit through the veins. It is a calcium fertilizer product that can be used continuously after the fruit is bagged.

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