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Effectively prevent calcium deficiency in plants, and can significantly improve and completely cure crop shortness, growth atrophy, root tip necrosis, young leaf curling, root tip decay, physiological fruit cracking, growth point necrosis, fruit necrosis and bitterness caused by calcium deficiency. Physiological diseases such as pox, hollow heart disease, umbilical rot, wilt disease and so on. Improve crop resistance, quick onset and long duration of effect.

Sugar alcohol calcium

Color: Terracotta
  • 1. Good absorption: Sugar alcohol calcium is added with sugar alcohol substances on the basis of calcium fertilizer. Sugar alcohol is a good complexing agent of middle and trace elements, which can form a stable complex with many nutrients, thereby driving nutrients It can be absorbed and utilized by plants more quickly to realize the effect of fast top dressing.

    2. Improve quality: reduce the occurrence of physiological diseases, apple bitter pit, pear black heart, jujube fruit cracking, grape water soaking disease, tomato, pepper, cucumber, melon navel rot, celery black heart, carrot spot, lettuce Burning top disease, dry heart disease of Chinese cabbage, cabbage and potatoes. Greatly reduce the phenomenon of fruit cracking and hollowness, increase the hardness of the fruit, and improve the quality.

    3. Improve stress resistance: Sugar alcohol calcium element fertilizer can improve crop growth and enhance drought resistance, cold resistance, freezing resistance and sunburn.

    4. Green product: Sugar alcohol calcium does not contain chloride ions and hormones, which is really helpful fertilizer for crops.

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