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This product uses sugar alcohol as a carrier, adopts modern high-tech concentration technology, and is integrated with ultra-high pressure. The product can fully supplement the zinc element needed for the growth of cash crops. Sugar alcohol chelated liquid zinc fertilizer is an organic liquid zinc fertilizer, which is composed of natural sugar alcohol chelating agent, zinc and nutrient additives. The product does not contain hormones, does not harm the leaves, and has no stimulating effect. The leaf surface absorption efficiency is high and the speed is fast, which can effectively prevent crops from poor growth, small leaves, yellow leaves, short plants, premature aging, and quality decline caused by zinc deficiency, increase crop photosynthetic efficiency, promote plant development, and improve crop resistance. , Increase production and improve quality.

Zinc Sugar Alcohol

  • 1. Compared with traditional chelating technology, sugar alcohol technology has the advantages of fast absorption, high utilization rate, rapid release, significant effect, and natural environmental protection.

    2. It has no harm to flowers, leaves and fruits, has a good beautification effect on fruit surface, prolongs the storage time of crops, and improves the appearance quality, shelf life and taste of the fruit;

    3. High stress resistance: enhance crop resistance to drought, salt damage, freezing damage, sunburn, pests and diseases.

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