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Middle element water-soluble fertilizer

Calcium and Magnesium Supplement
Ca+Mg ≥10.0%

Activated soil is easy to absorb and root, promote growth, disease resistance, stress resistance, coloring, cracking, swelling, and sweetening

Calcium and magnesium supplement Ca+Mg ≥10.0%

SKU: 0000000021
Color: Peach
  • This product is a sugar alcohol calcium and magnesium preparation, an organic calcium and magnesium preparation. High content, good mobility, can be transported freely in the xylem and phloem. It overcomes the inconvenient mobility of calcium and magnesium, and greatly improves the utilization rate of calcium and magnesium. Calcium source, magnesium source, sugar source and organic acid are supplemented, moved twice, and absorbed in both directions, effectively preventing calcium and magnesium deficiency in plants. It can significantly improve and completely cure crop shortness, growth atrophy, root tip necrosis, young leaf curling, root tip dead and rot, physiological fruit cracking, growth point necrosis, fruit necrosis and bitterness due to calcium deficiency and magnesium deficiency (removed). Physiological diseases such as pox, hollow heart disease, umbilical rot, wilt disease and so on. Physiological diseases such as leaf yellowing caused by magnesium deficiency. Improve crop resistance, quick onset and long duration of effect.

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