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Macro-element water-soluble fertilizer
NET. 20 Kg

High absorption rate of instant and total solution

No hormones to avoid premature aging

High potassium type 15-5-30+TE

SKU: 0000000006
  • The raw materials are pure, 100% soluble, suitable for all fertilization systems, fast and efficient infiltration and wetting functions to ensure the absorption rate of fertilizers. It does not contain chloride ions and hormones. The balanced supply of nitrate nitrogen and ammonium nitrogen can be safely applied to various crops. Long-term application will not cause soil acidification and compaction; it is an environmentally friendly and pollution-free fertilizer.
    2. Good compatibility, can be mixed with most pesticides (except strongly alkaline pesticides) to reduce operating costs;
    3. The trace elements are present in the product in the form of EDTA chelated state, with high stability, avoiding the antagonistic effect with phosphorus elements, and can be fully absorbed by plants, reducing the physiology of falling flowers and fruits, yellow leaves, small leaves, growth point necrosis, etc. The occurrence of disease.

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