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Dealer case


Hualu water-soluble fertilizer has won the trust of dealers with actual results!

Mr. Zhao is an agricultural supplier in Laixi, Shandong. As a post-80s, he is enthusiastic and sincere. Fifteen years ago, when Mr. Zhao chose to enter the field of agricultural materials, he thought that he could contribute to his hometown, bring good products to his hometown, and lead his hometown growers to increase their incomes and become rich.


Hualuduofugen helps dealers to restore the lost farmers!

Shandong Shouguang Liu is always a local distributor with many years of experience in agricultural material sales and service. He has formed a certain reputation in the local area and his business is good. In recent years, fruit trees and field crops have a large demand for rooting agents, especially in vegetable areas, it is very common to use rooting agents.

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