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Agent qualification requirements


Qingdao Anfuyuan Biotechnology Co., Ltd. focuses on the R&D and manufacturing of water-soluble micro-fertilizers, and provides customers with one-stop comprehensive solutions for precise plant nutrition according to the different needs of different plants in different soils, growth environments, and growth stages. Guide farmers to fertilize accurately, reduce the amount and increase efficiency, optimize the soil, and produce more high-quality and safe agricultural products.

Qingdao Anfuyuan Biotechnology Co., Ltd. takes "love the sky, love the land, love the agriculture" as its corporate mission, adhering to the corporate philosophy of "focus, full-time, and exclusive", focusing on the whole process of plant growth care, and vowing to be the core promoter of water-soluble micro-fertilizers in China



Have physical stores, have been engaged in the agricultural material industry, and take root in the long-term development of agriculture

Have physical stores and have been in the agricultural industry. After training, technical support can be provided to farmers


Have certain local planting resources and have a certain influence in the local area

Have certain local planting resources



Understand the local crop planting situation

Free sales operations, team management, technical training, online teaching by actual teachers, and successful experience sharing of dealers

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