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IFERING water-soluble fertilizer has won the trust of Malianzhuang dealers with practical results!


Shandong Shouguang Liu is always a local distributor with many years of experience in agricultural material sales and service. He has formed a certain reputation in the local area and his business is good. In recent years, fruit trees and field crops have a large demand for rooting agents, especially in vegetable areas, it is very common to use rooting agents. Locally grow tomatoes in greenhouses. It feels that cheap rooting agents are easy to sell, and they are more popular with growers, so they are sold for tens of yuan per barrel. After 24 hours, the tomato seedlings are black and green, and the overall growth is strong.

However, some growers still lack understanding of the specific methods of using rooting agents. Improper use will cause root burning, severely reduced production or even no harvest. Many rooting agents on the market now are compounded or rooting powder. Excessive dosage will damage the growth point of the crop and cause root burning. Therefore, the correct use of rooting agents can achieve the effect of root maintenance. (Note: The rooting agent must be diluted twice before use).

One day a greenhouse grower came to him angrily to ask him for compensation, and he discovered the seriousness of the problem: the tomato shed of 2 mu of land died after using a rooting agent he sold. The grower had to insist that he was selling fake goods. In fact, after understanding, the farmer was at fault, but he could not provide evidence. Mr. Liu and the manufacturer reflected this matter and asked him to provide instructions for use and related qualifications. However, it was discovered that the manufacturer's qualification certificates were not complete, and the technology was a complete mess. Finally, after mediation, the planter was compensated 50,000 yuan, and the matter was considered to be over. After this incident, other growers stopped coming to buy goods, which had a great negative impact on Mr. Liu's business. Mr. Liu also lost confidence in related products such as rooting agents.

It is also very important to choose a good rooting agent, such as Hualuduo Genfu, which contains rooting stimulants, amino acids, trace elements, carbon detoxification, algae peptides, etc., which act on the roots from multiple aspects to make the crop natural Rooting, the rooting effect is better. At the same time, it also uses bio-resolving technology to make the rooting material easier to absorb, effectively improving the nutrient activity and energy required by crops. Such a rooting agent will have a wide range of adaptability when used, especially for the phenomenon of low temperature, excessive moisture, weak roots caused by diseases, and fewer roots. It has a significant improvement.

This year, Mr. Liu added other series of Hualu products, such as Anfu series and Duofu series. With the support of Hualu products and services, this year will definitely be better, Mr. Liu is very happy to tell us. We also sincerely wish Mr. Liu a prosperous business and wealth.

At an exhibition, Mr. Liu saw the effect feedback of Hualu Duofugen and the introduction of friends, so he consulted our company's salesperson to learn about the product, and learned about me from agents in Qixia, Gaomi and other regions. The service situation of the company, after visiting several customers in person, finally signed an agency agreement with our company. After receiving the goods, Mr. Liu found 4 different crops and made 8 demonstration sites. Under the advice and guidance of our company, he used Hualudofugen twice continuously, and the effect was very good. Gradually, Hua Lu Duo Fogen helped Mr. Liu gain the confidence of farmers that he had lost before, and sales gradually rebounded.

Hualu also reminds dealers and farmers to choose appropriate rooting agent products under different circumstances, and to use them correctly and scientifically. The most important thing is to use guaranteed products and services to ensure profits. Welcome to contact us for a guide plan.

If you are also interested in the Hua Lu Duo Fu series, please contact us immediately, we look forward to cooperating with you!

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