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Apple solution

1. Master the appropriate fertilization time

  Apple basal fertilizer is best applied in autumn. Generally, early-maturing varieties should be applied after fruit picking, and mid-late-maturing varieties should be applied before and after fruit picking, preferably sooner rather than later.

2. Apply to the best area

  Because fruit trees absorb large roots, mostly at the end of the main lateral roots, the correct fertilization area is at the projection edge of the fruit tree crown and a little further away. The entire garden should also be fertilized at a distance of 1 meter away from the trunk, because it is at a distance of 5-35 from the ground. The root system in the centimeter range accounts for about 80% of the total, and the appropriate fertilization depth is 20-50 centimeters.

Three, formula fertilization

For every 100 kg of apples, it needs to absorb 0.3 kg of pure nitrogen, 0.08 kg of pure phosphorus, and 0.32 kg of pure potassium. That is, in the process of apple tree growth, the demand for potassium is the largest. The total fertilization amount per tree per year is 0.5 kg of pure nitrogen, 0.5 kg of pure phosphorus, and 0.75 kg of pure potassium.

  Fruit trees have a certain proportional relationship to various requirements, and the soil contains nutrients in a certain proportion. Therefore, the corresponding fertilization formula should be adjusted according to the needs of the fruit trees, the management level of the orchard, the soil conditions, and the status of fertilizer requirements. . At the same time, because young fruit trees require more phosphorus, which is generally twice that of nitrogen and potassium, nitrogen: phosphorus: potassium can be 1:2:1, and after entering the full fruit period, a larger formula ratio of nitrogen and potassium is required Should be adjusted to 2:1:2. Generally, the amount of base fertilizer is about 20% of the expected fertilization amount in the next year.

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Water-soluble fertilizer fertilization program

One, base fertilizer

It is best to apply fertilizer as soon as possible after the fruit is picked. Before and after leaf fall, apply the decomposed organic fertilizer and high-phosphorus type (10-52-7+TE) water-soluble fertilizer in autumn before and after the leaves are mixed evenly, and then apply it in a radial or striped furrow, with a depth of about 40cm. Use about 4Kg of high-phosphate fertilizer per mu.

2. Extra-root topdressing

The number of top-dressing in high-yield gardens is as many as 5 to 7 times.

① Top dressing before germination: (Mid to late March) It can promote the germination and flowering of fruit trees, increase the fruit setting rate and promote the growth of new shoots. The top dressing in this period is dominated by nitrogen and phosphorus. Use balanced (20-20-20+TE) water-soluble fertilizer, and the full fruit period is about 10 kg per mu.

② Top dressing before flower bud differentiation: mainly topdressing phosphorus and potassium fertilizer, balanced (20-20-20+TE) water-soluble fertilizer or high-phosphorus type (10-52-7+TE) water-soluble fertilizer, about 10 kg per mu in full fruit period . Reduce fruit dropping, promote rapid fruit expansion, accelerate nutrient transfer, and provide more nutrients for fruit growth and development.

③Fruit swelling top dressing: (Mid to late June) Top dressing in the fruit swelling period can increase the yield and sugar content of the fruit, promote coloring, and increase the hardness. It is an indispensable top dressing. Mainly follow quick-acting potash fertilizer, and use high-potassium (17-8-35+TE) water-soluble fertilizer. The fruiting period is about 10 kg per mu, once every 7 to 10 days.

④ Fruit picking period and after fruit picking: (late September to late October) In order to restore the damage to fruit trees caused by fruit picking, timely supplement the nutrient loss caused by fruit picking and improve the ability to survive the winter. Guarantee the next year's output. Use balanced (20-20-20+TE) water-soluble fertilizer, and the full fruit period is about 10 kg per mu.

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