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Watermelon solution


The general principle of watermelon fertilization is to reapply organic fertilizers, apply appropriate nitrogen fertilizers, apply phosphate fertilizers stably, increase potassium fertilizers, apply nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium in combination, and apply appropriate amounts of medium and trace element fertilizers. The fertilization of watermelon should be reasonably planned and adjusted according to the utilization rate of different chemical fertilizers, the nutrient status of the soil itself, and the law of watermelon fertilizer requirements. The specific use of different fertilization amounts according to the actual situation is conducive to the improvement of watermelon quality and yield.

Complete fertilization program for watermelon

1. Base fertilizer

Basal fertilizer is the foundation of the life-long nutrient supply of watermelon. It not only supplies the nutrients needed for growth, but also has the function of improving soil and improving soil fertility. It accounts for 1/2~2/3 of the amount of fertilizer used in the entire growth period.

Generally apply fully decomposed chicken manure or cow manure and other organic fertilizer 1~2 m3/mu or commercial organic fertilizer 200~400 kg/mu, decomposed cake fertilizer 80~100 kg/mu + balanced compound fertilizer 25~35 kg/mu .


Rhizosphere top dressing

① Seedling stage: when the true leaves are 2~4 pieces.

Function: It can speed up the growth of seedlings, promote the growth of seedling roots, and prevent and control dead seedlings.

Method: Open an arc-shaped ditch 15 cm away from the seedlings.

Fertilizer selection: 300 times solution of Hualu Duofu root application type, topdressing nitrogen fertilizer to promote vegetative growth;

② Vine-stretching stage: Watermelon enters the vine-stretching stage after 5~6 leaves (when the vines are about 15 cm long).

Effect: After the watermelon stretches its vines, the growth speed is accelerated and the nutrient requirements increase. At this time, topdressing fertilizer can promote the rapid elongation of the watermelon vines, expand the leaf area, and strengthen the root system.

Method: Open a topdressing ditch with a depth of 10 cm, a width of 10 cm, and a length of about 40 cm in the middle of the two watermelon seedlings, and step on it after fertilization. The fertilizer application ditch can be smaller, 5-6 cm deep, 7-8 cm wide, and 30 cm long.

Fertilizer selection: organic fertilizer, chemical fertilizer and I Hualu Duofu root application type are used in combination. Apply 40-100 kilograms of decomposed cake fertilizer or 100-150 kilograms of biogas fertilizer per mu, add 15-20 kilograms of urea and 15-20 kilograms of potassium sulfate, and 300 times solution of Hualu Duofu root. Appropriate application of phosphate fertilizer can adjust the balance between vegetative growth and reproductive growth of watermelon

③Flowering and sitting period

Generally, no rhizosphere top dressing or watering is required. If it is found that the plant growth is poor, the ovary is small, and the fruit setting is not easy, take measures as soon as possible. Observe the growth of the plants when entering female flowers. When top dressing is needed, foliar top dressing can be used to remedy it.

④Expansion period: When the female flowers in the normal fruiting part sit on the melon, the young melon grows to the size of an egg.

Function: Promote swelling of the melon body and prevent premature aging.

Method: Make a furrow at a distance of 30-40 cm from the roots on one side of the plant, and water with fertilization.

Fertilizer selection: Phosphorus-potassium fertilizer is the main fertilizer, combined with nitrogen fertilizer, if excessive nitrogen fertilizer is applied, the quality will be reduced. Puffed melon fertilizer is generally applied twice. The first time is when the young melon grows to the size of an egg. During this period, nitrogen and potassium fertilizers are mainly used. 15-20 kg of diammonium phosphate and 10-15 kg of potassium sulfate are applied per mu. The second time is when the melon grows to the size of the bowl, 5~7 kg of urea and 5~10 kg of potassium sulfate per acre are topdressed, and they can be topdressed with water or watered immediately after spraying. Mainly apply potassium fertilizer to improve fruit yield and quality


Foliar top dressing

The middle elements calcium, magnesium, sulfur, trace elements zinc, boron, manganese, etc., although the content in watermelon body is small, but they play an important role. When it is lacking, it will cause the metabolic disorder of the crops, and the growth and development will be affected. Pay attention to the appropriate amount of supplementation.

The foliar top dressing of watermelon is mainly to supplement the insufficient absorption of roots, quickly meet the demand for nutrient elements, alleviate adverse physiological conditions, and play a small amount of high efficiency. If wilting seedlings or stiff seedlings are found, spray 1000 times of the leaf surface of Hualu Duofu root on the leaves.

Before flowering and at the early stage of swelling: you can spray the 800 times solution of Hualu Duofu root foliar type + 1000 times solution of boron source and reservoir each time, which can effectively prevent the skin from being too thick and hollow, but also significantly increase the yield and promote The skin is thin and the meat is sweetened. After swelling the melon fertilizer and before harvesting: 800 times solution of Hualu Phosphorus Potassium Source can be used and sprayed once every 7-10 days for a total of 2~3 sprays to improve fruit quality. Pay attention not to spray on the leaves during the flowering period to avoid burning flowers. If there are symptoms of nutrient deficiency on the leaves, targeted topdressing can be applied to the rhizosphere and outside the roots to relieve them.

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