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​Potato solution

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What fertilizer is applied to potatoes yields high? For high-yield potatoes, it is very important to grow the root system in the early stage. A strong root system can better transport nutrients to the crop. Therefore, it is recommended that you use the iffering root-promoting water-soluble fertilizer with humic acid in the early stage. Organic humic acid can promote the growth of crop roots, live roots and strong seedlings; at the same time, it can be matched with iffering balanced water-soluble fertilizer to balance nutrition and prevent nutrient deficiency. Continuous use can improve the quality of crops, prolong the harvest period of crops, and increase the storage and transportation capacity of the crops after harvest. Ifering water-soluble fertilizer has long-lasting fertilizer effect and full stamina. It can be used for flushing, spraying, rooting and drip irrigation.


For potato fertilization at the later stage, it is recommended to use Hualu Duofu fruit water-soluble fertilizer, which contains a large number of elements nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium and chelated trace elements, which can effectively promote fruit expansion, sweetening, and coloring, and it can also improve soil structure and improve crop quality. Continuous use can make crops go to market early, prolong the harvest period and storage and transportation capacity of crops. It can be used for root application, spray application, drip irrigation, and flushing application. The dosage is 3-5 kg per mu each time. The dosage is different for different usages. Use a small amount for multiple times, and the effect is better. Potatoes are drought-tolerant crops. The flowering period is also the swelling period of the potato. It is a period when more water is required. The soil moisture content must be maintained at 60%-80%. In the case of drought and little rain, timely irrigation is required to prevent the lack of water which affects the expansion of tubers and reduces production. During the flowering period, you can take the method of not drying or watering, watering and watering. If you water it, you don't need to irrigate it extensively, otherwise it will easily cause the potato to grow wildly and reduce the yield and quality.

During the flowering period of potatoes, it is a critical period for the rapid growth of the aboveground stems and underground tubers of the potato. Doing a good job of fertilizer and water management during this period is the key to high yield of potatoes. Potatoes are potash-loving crops, especially in the tuber swelling period, there is a large demand for potassium fertilizer, and potassium fertilizer should be supplemented during this period.

Hualu Duo Fu fruit water-soluble fertilizer has long-lasting fertilizer effect and full stamina. Under low temperature conditions, the fruit expansion effect is good. This product can quickly supplement the active organic matter in the soil, which not only preserves the fruit, but also promotes the expansion of the fruit, but also makes the fruit grow well, with high sweetness, less fruit diseases, and high yield. It can be used consistently. Extend the fruit harvest period, increase the yield of melons and fruits, and extend the shelf life of fruits and vegetables.

Hualu Duofu root water-soluble fertilizer promotes cell division; living roots and strong seedlings promote early rooting and multiple rooting of crops. Improve the ability of crops to resist drought, cold and disease, and strengthen the ability of roots to absorb nutrients. Improve soil structure, improve crop quality, and extend crop harvesting period.

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