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Big ginger plan


At present, the common soil problems in ginger planting areas are mainly: lack of organic matter, imbalance of pH, and soil salinization. These problems can easily cause soil compaction, reduced nutrient absorption and utilization, making it difficult to root, easy to die, and low yield. It is recommended that you use Hualu humic acid liquid fertilizer, which can quickly replenish organic matter in the soil, reduce soil salinity, adjust soil pH, and improve the soil's ability to retain water and fertilizer.


For the first top dressing, use Hualu water-soluble fertilizer for roots, which contains humic acid to promote rooting. It has a quick effect and can effectively promote the growth of ginger roots, live roots and strengthen seedlings. At the same time, it is matched with Hualu balanced water-soluble fertilizer to balance nutrition and prevent Lack of nutrients. Hualu water-soluble fertilizer has long-lasting fertilizer effect and full stamina. It can be used for flushing, spraying, rooting and drip irrigation.


In the later period, use Hualu Duofu fruit water-soluble fertilizer, which contains a lot of nutrients required for the growth of ginger, which can effectively promote the swelling of ginger and improve the quality of ginger. It can be used by root application, spraying, drip irrigation, and flushing, each time per acre The dosage is 3-5 kg, and the dosage is different for different usages. Use a small amount for multiple times, and the effect will be better.

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