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Yantai Qixia Apple Case

The fruiting period is a key stage in the growth of fruit trees, and the quality of management directly affects the level of fruit yield.

Brother Zhou in Qixia, Yantai, planted 20 acres of apple trees. This year, the apple trees used I Hualu products throughout the whole process. After using them, Brother Zhou was very satisfied with Hualu products. Brother Zhou just came into contact with Hualu products this year. In the early stage, he used Hualu potassium dihydrogen phosphate with the attitude of giving it a try. After using it for a period of time, Big Brother Zhou replied that “IFERING potassium dihydrogen phosphate is really good, and the apple leaves are big. The color is thick green and plump, also shiny, and looks very good, and we will continue to use Hualu products in the later period."

After the fruit tree entered the fruiting period, in order to improve the brightness of the peel and increase the fruit volume, Brother Zhou immediately used Hualu high potassium type and other products. Hualu products have the characteristics of fast absorption, high utilization and fast dissolution, which can help apples grow quickly.
After more than 3 months, Big Brother Zhou gave feedback that the fruit is growing well, the size is uniform, the peel is smooth, and the sugar content of the apple is also a lot. Generally speaking, this year's apple is much better than the previous one.

To make a good product and bring better results to users is our original intention and the direction of our efforts.

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