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Corporate Responsibility

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HUALU is a leading specialty fertilizer manufacturer and in this role we fully recognize the importance of responsible environmental protection and sustainable practice. We embrace our responsibility to sound environmental stewardship. We consequently have a range of stringent measures in place to ensure that our processes and business processes are as sustainable as possible.

Environmental Policy

  • HUALU believes in working together for a greener and more sustainable future. We embrace our responsibility to promote a sustainable environment and have consequently established an environmental policy based on three core values. 

Image by Casey Horner
Image by Clark Van Der Beken

Social Responsibility

  • HUALU embraces its corporate social responsibility to the local and global community. Our activities in this area extend from assuring optimum environmental performance to promoting health and safety.

Promoting best agronomic practices 

  • HUALU promotes best agronomic practices in order to ensure safe and optimum use of fertilizers. We fulfil a key role in this process by advising our customers on the best way to transport, store and handle our products with a view to the environment. We also promote tailor-made fertilization techniques so that the dose precisely matches the plant’s specific needs.

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