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Strawberry coloring scheme


Many farmers often have uneven coloring when planting strawberries, which not only affects the taste of strawberries, but also affects strawberry sales and revenue.

The boss of Heze Ma told us that his own strawberries had not been used less fat before, and the medicine had not been used less, but there was a problem of uneven coloring. In fact, many strawberry green heads, painted faces and other problems are precisely the problems of fertilization and medicine. The main reasons for the poor coloring of strawberries can be summed up in four points.

1. Insufficient light and low temperature

Light is an important factor in promoting photosynthesis of plants. Both fruit expansion and color change require proper light and temperature. The most suitable temperature for planting strawberries is between 20°C and 25°C. Too high or low temperatures are not conducive to coloring. When the greenhouse temperature is lower than 5°C, problems such as green head fruit, poor coloration, rigid fruit, and unsweet fruit will appear.

2. During the fruit swelling period, if the strawberry is not watered in time, the pulp lacks water, and the peel color is poor.

3. Too much application of nitrogen or potash fertilizer

Excessive application of nitrogen fertilizer leads to excessive growth of branches and leaves, and all the nutrients are given to the leaves and cannot be transferred to the fruit. Excessive application of potassium fertilizer inhibits the absorption of calcium, magnesium, and boron. These reasons are the key to affecting the coloring of strawberry puffed fruit.

4. Elements such as potassium deficiency, boron, calcium, etc.

The lack of potassium, boron, calcium, phosphorus and other elements are the key to the physiological ginkgo of strawberry. A lot of ginkgo appeared in the strawberries in the Ma’s shed.


    After our recommendation, the horse owner administering water Hualu phosphorus source of soluble fertilizer. After a week of use, the strawberries begin to color slowly. After three times of use, the color of the strawberry puffed fruit was normal, even much larger than the strawberries of other growers, and it was on the market earlier. Horse owner is happy to tell us, if not Hualu of phosphorus source water soluble fertilizer , this year will be down the drain.

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