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Cucumber Scheme


Cucumber prefers soil with high organic matter content and loose air. Cucumber has a shallow root system, which is fertile but not tolerant. The base fertilizer should be farmyard manure. According to the measurement, every 1000kg of cucumber production needs to absorb N 1.9~2.7kg, P2O5 0.8~0.9kg, and K2O 3.5~4.0kg from the soil. The ratio of the three is 1:0.4:1.6. Cucumber needs the most potassium during the whole growth period, followed by nitrogen, and again phosphorus.

3. The absorption and utilization peak of fertilizer (NPK) at various growth stages

1) Nitrogen absorption: The nitrogen absorption of cucumbers shows a linear upward trend within 30 days after planting, and the nitrogen absorption is the most in the middle of the growth period.

2) Phosphorus absorption: Entering the reproductive growth period, the demand for phosphorus increases sharply, while the demand for nitrogen decreases slightly.

3) Potassium absorption: Cucumber absorbs potassium throughout its growth period.


Fertilization plan for each period

① Base fertilizer:

The decomposed or high-quality organic fertilizer (soybean 70) shall not be less than 4500-6 000kg (if it is a new shed or higher yield, the application rate should be further increased), combined with a balanced compound fertilizer 70-80kg/mu sulfur-based compound fertilizer.

② Planting to flowering and fruit setting period:       

Apply 5~10kg of Hualu Duofu root concentrate and apply foliar fertilizer to promote root development while promoting leaf growth and cultivate strong seedlings

③ Early results:

In order to promote plant growth and root development, add trace elements, increase fruit setting rate and improve fruit quality. Flushing 5-10kg/mu (20-20-20) water-soluble fertilizer (fruit-bearing period), 5-10kg/mu Hualu Duofu root concentrate. For fruit expansion and pull, apply a high-potassium (14-14-30) water-soluble fertilizer once for a long time, 5~10kg/mu.

④ Full fruit period:

In order to promote the expansion and lengthening of the fruit, ensure the health and strength of the root system and plants, and increase the yield of the fruit to ensure the quality of the fruit. Apply high-potassium water-soluble fertilizer (18-6-30) and balanced (20-20-20) water-soluble fertilizer 10kg/mu/time. Note that high-potassium and balanced water-soluble fertilizers should be used alternately, with high-potassium water-soluble fertilizers being the mainstay. Use Hualu Duofu root, Duo Fu fruit concentrate 5-10kg/mu/time, use Hua Lu Duo Fu root and Duo Fu fruit alternately or use Hua Lu Duo Fu root twice and Hua Lu Duo Fu fruit once. Spray foliar fertilizer every 7-10 days.

⑤ At the end of the result:

Topdressing balanced water-soluble fertilizer (20-20-20) and spraying foliar fertilizer according to the growth of cucumbers can ensure the later production and increase the total output.

Foliar top dressing

Cucumber not only absorbs nutrients from the soil from the roots, but also absorbs mineral nutrients from the leaf surface to promote fruit expansion and development. Therefore, during the fruit growth period, especially in the middle and late stages, it should be combined with top dressing and assisted by spraying 3-4 leaves on the leaf surface. For surface fertilizer, you can use 300-500 times liquid biochemical organic liquid fertilizer, or 500 times liquid chelated multi-element compound fertilizer, or supplement boron, zinc, iron and other micro-fertilizers to improve cucumber quality, enhance plant resistance, and prevent Premature aging.

Cucumber top dressing should not be fertilized when the soil is wet, which may cause the differentiation of female flowers and the appearance of deformed melons, causing physiological diseases such as falling leaves, falling flowers and chemical melons. Applying fertilizers under high temperature conditions will cause large water evaporation in the leaves of the plants, which will affect the effectiveness of the fertilizer. . In addition, the fertilization time should be early in the morning or evening.

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