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IFERING water-soluble fertilizer has won the trust of Malianzhuang dealers with practical results!


Mr. Zhao is an agricultural supplier in Laixi, Shandong. As a post-80s, he is enthusiastic and sincere. Fifteen years ago, when Mr. Zhao chose to enter the field of agricultural materials, he wanted to contribute to his hometown, bring good products to his hometown, and lead his hometown growers to increase their incomes.

 Mr. Zhao said that he himself did not expect that he was only entering the field of agricultural materials with enthusiasm at the time, but he did not expect to achieve the current scale in a few years. Mr. Zhao has been acting for both domestic and foreign brands of soluble fertilizers. Over the years, Mr. Zhao found that although domestic products are cheap, the effect is relatively poor; foreign brands have better effects, but the prices are more expensive. So Mr. Zhao decided to see if he could find a water-soluble fertilizer that was similar in effect to imported products, but at a relatively low price.

After several searches, Mr. Zhao learned about the Hualu water-soluble fertilizer brand. After a detailed understanding, Mr. Zhao had the intention to replace Hualu water-soluble fertilizer, but there was another concern in his heart that he did not know Hualu water-soluble fertilizer. Is the effect of Fei's products really as good as said? So Mr. Zhao decided to bring a batch of goods back for a trial. After all, he was also responsible for his customers. He could not let the growers spend the money without a good harvest, otherwise it would be contrary to his original intention of making agricultural materials.

 Mr. Zhao took the goods for trial in Hualu in mid-May. When the water-soluble fertilizer arrived, he used the cucumbers he planted. At this time, the cucumbers he planted were almost ready for seedlings, but it was unexpected. Even the quick-pulled cucumbers actually sprout new shoots after using Hualu water-soluble fertilizer. Later, Mr. Zhao said: "I have encountered many good products, but like cucumber seedlings, it is really effective.

  After seeing the effect, Mr. Zhao stopped hesitating, and immediately contacted the staff of Hualu Company and became a distributor of Ailong in Qingdao, and the first batch of goods was 100,000.

 Thanks to Mr. Zhao for his trust and support for Hualu's products, Hualu will continue to practice the principle of "rooting agricultural development and helping farmers increase their income".

If you are also interested in Hualu water-soluble fertilizer, please contact us immediately, we look forward to cooperating with you!

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